EP 38! Filomena chats with J.D. Iles of Hidden Landmarks TV!

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Filomena and J.D. Iles of Hidden Landmarks TV chat about local history, buying houses, and creating community.


Season 3! Ep 32 with Dr. Brianna Thompson of Voiceful Journals

Dr. Brianna Thompson in her own lovely handmade blouse


Join Filomena and Dr. Brianna Thompson in a chat about art, careers, sewing, pop ups, and more!

Find Brianna @VoicefulJournals and http://www.Etsy.com/shop/voicefuljournals

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EP 24 with Reader and Love Positive Coach Erik House!

Welcome to episode 24! Had a great chat with the multifaceted Erik House. We talk about our paths that led us each into coaching, consensual non-monogamy, Tarot and Oracle Cards (Erik reads a card for me!), libraries, street art, and more.


Oh, and the audio isn’t *exactly* great in some portions of the recording. Technology, AmIRight??? Thanks for hangin’ in with us!

More about Erik:

Erik W. House (he/they), M.A., is a life and relationship coach, along with being a spiritual guide and healer, he works closely with people in the polyamorous, consensual non-monogamy, and kink/BDSM relationships. He helps individuals, polycules, and moresomes in digging down to find what their unmet needs are so that they can create the lives and relationships they’ve always wanted.

Find Erik here: http://www.LoveMultipliesCoaching.com

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Happy Anniversary to us! Part 2

Hang out with our gal Shannah Warwick of http://www.BLCKBTS.com in this mini check in episode. PS, the beautiful fabric in the promo photo is some of Shannah’s glorious dyed fabric (SWOON!) Click it:



We’re celebrating our first anniversary today with this special 2 parter, you can find episode #20 here: Ep 20 interview with musician Thomas Jack

Happy 1st Anniversary to US (part 1)

Wow! Today marks our first anniversary, so very happy and proud that we’ve managed to come all this way. To celebrate we are releasing 2 episodes today, this one linked up below and a mini “Check in with Shannah” episode.


Today’s 1st podcast is extra special to me (Filomena)…I FINALLY was able to get musician Thomas Jack @Tom.Jack.Music of Diesel Theory @DieselTheory (and a touring member Today Is The Day @TITDofficial) to sit down with me for an interview. Click it here>>> Ep 20! Musician Thomas Jack

Buckle up, it’s a fun adventure! We chat about H.G. Wells’ “Country of the Blind”, the Fast & Furious (movie), proms, water guns in schools, touring with Today Is the Day, the late ‘80s and more!

As promised, I’ve included the infamous “Prom Photo” in this post 🙂



Ep 19! Filomena Chats About the Sunny Side

6A051F49-87C7-4789-AB29-482C5F18F169So, how’s it going? Is the quarantine a time for progress or just stress? We’re sending you love and suggestions in this short Making It Up episode.

Listen here: Ep 19! Filomena Chats About the Sunny Side

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Ep 18! Interview with Bookkeeper & Artist Stefani Tadio!

Listen here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/makingituppodcast/EP_18_Stefani_Tadio.m4a

Stefani Tadio has always lived a creative life. It’s a family tradition, part of her DNA. Her adult career was spent in the accounting departments of small companies, always crafting for fun. Though she tried lots of genres and took lots of classes, her heart has always been with needlework: quilting, needlepoint and cross-stitch. In 2004 she combined her two loves of hand stitchery and paper craft and started selling her goods at local craft fairs and stores. She left corporate life in 2012 to pursue art full-time.


In 2019, an opportunity fell into her lap so she’s returned to her love of accounting. Because she’ll always be an artist at heart, the core of her bookkeeping clients are artists. Stefani is thrilled to surround herself with the best of both worlds

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