EP 24 with Reader and Love Positive Coach Erik House!

Welcome to episode 24! Had a great chat with the multifaceted Erik House. We talk about our paths that led us each into coaching, consensual non-monogamy, Tarot and Oracle Cards (Erik reads a card for me!), libraries, street art, and more.


Oh, and the audio isn’t *exactly* great in some portions of the recording. Technology, AmIRight??? Thanks for hangin’ in with us!

More about Erik:

Erik W. House (he/they), M.A., is a life and relationship coach, along with being a spiritual guide and healer, he works closely with people in the polyamorous, consensual non-monogamy, and kink/BDSM relationships. He helps individuals, polycules, and moresomes in digging down to find what their unmet needs are so that they can create the lives and relationships they’ve always wanted.

Find Erik here: http://www.LoveMultipliesCoaching.com

Thanks for the listen!

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