Happy Anniversary to us! Part 2

Hang out with our gal Shannah Warwick of http://www.BLCKBTS.com in this mini check in episode. PS, the beautiful fabric in the promo photo is some of Shannah’s glorious dyed fabric (SWOON!) Click it:



We’re celebrating our first anniversary today with this special 2 parter, you can find episode #20 here: Ep 20 interview with musician Thomas Jack

Happy 1st Anniversary to US (part 1)

Wow! Today marks our first anniversary, so very happy and proud that we’ve managed to come all this way. To celebrate we are releasing 2 episodes today, this one linked up below and a mini “Check in with Shannah” episode.


Today’s 1st podcast is extra special to me (Filomena)…I FINALLY was able to get musician Thomas Jack @Tom.Jack.Music of Diesel Theory @DieselTheory (and a touring member Today Is The Day @TITDofficial) to sit down with me for an interview. Click it here>>> Ep 20! Musician Thomas Jack

Buckle up, it’s a fun adventure! We chat about H.G. Wells’ “Country of the Blind”, the Fast & Furious (movie), proms, water guns in schools, touring with Today Is the Day, the late ‘80s and more!

As promised, I’ve included the infamous “Prom Photo” in this post 🙂



EP 13 Theater Artist, Teacher, Smarty Pants: Tim Connell!

Ep 13 Making It UP Podcast

This is a FUN ONE FOLKS! Hang out ‘til the end to hear Tim’s beautiful song sneak peek for his upcoming cabaret show at the Triad Theater on Nov. 24th in NYC. Get your tickets NOW! 212-279-4200

In this episode we chat about day jobs, community, PROCESS, and how to keep rolling. We’ve learned a lot and want to share it with y’all!

See more at http://www.TimConnell.net



EP 11: Public Speaking, Being Busy, & Inktober

Making It Up Podcast Ep 11


In this mini episode Filomena and Dulcie dog (Shannah’s out and about MAKING THE ART & FASHION!) chat about how to increase your public speaking skills, being busy, making it all happen, and Inktober.

Find out more!:

Shannah Warkick: www.BLCKBTS.com

Filomena Jack: www.FilomenaJackStudio.com & www.CoachFilomena.com

Own it conference: https://www.corningny.com/events/details/own-it-women-s-conference-2019-10182

Elmira art scene: www.CommunityArtsofElmira.com

Somo Dot (artist): @SomoDot

Toast Masters: www.ToastMasters.org

Inktober: @Inktober @Inktober2019

Ep 09 is ready! Vacations, Gigs, Maine, Santa, & More!

Ep 09!

Click the link above to listen to Episode 09! We chat about our (working) vacations, Maine, gigs, teaching, art, fashion, and….Santa. We love your feedback and your sharing hearts! 🙂



Searsport Campground
FiberCollege of Maine
Julie Thurbur
Tim Ferriss
 Santa Doc


Ep 06! Building your art & fashion empire! Plus a contest!


This week we chat about teaching gigs, grant money, how to podcast and more! Join the discussion!

To enter the contest (deadline June 20, 2019) follow us on Instagram @MakingItUp_podcast, tag a friend, and leave a comment. (See what you could win, below)

Shannah Warwick: www.Blckbts.com

Filomena Jack: www.FilomenaJackStudio.com www.CoachFilomena.com

ElanCreative/Dena Merlino

Arts Council
Life with Jess Photo
Care First
Bullyhill Winery

Ep 05 Met Gala! Rupaul! Biz Advice & More


RuPaul’s DragRace:
Met Gala Images:
Met Fashion Institute Exhibit:
FingerLakes Region:
I think that was everything, eeeeeee

Ep 04 Live and ready!

Welcome to episode 04! Here are links to a few of the topics we chatted about:

Oddities Flea Market:
Schitt’s Creek TV show:
Laura Wallace and Betelguese Pottery:
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Shannah & Filomena